Coronavirus is a tiny group of RNA viruses, achieved a heavy impact on several major countries in the world. How coronavirus spread Coronavirus spread through droplets from the nose or from the mouth as a result of coughing or sneezing of a coronavi...

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Dental malocclusion means the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth. Etiology: Childhood habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, using pacifiers beyond age 3, and prolonged use of bottle feeding, extra teeth, lost teeth, impacted teeth or abnormally shaped te...

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Teeth whitening is the most popular aesthetic dental treatment. Nowadays people are more interested in whitening their teeth for an attractive smile. Dental stains: The cause of dental stains should be examined for better results. There are two types of stains. 1. Extrinsic stain ...

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Hello friends… I like to share a few interesting experiences of mine, in my practice. Let’s see it. During my early stages of clinical practice, I came across an interesting case of a tooth (anterior) that got an appearance of sliced and I ...

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Tooth sensitivity
While enjoying chill ice cream or hot coffee, if you feel pain or sensitivity, your regular coffee and favorite ice cream become loathing. You may feel sensitivity during brushing or flossing.

The crown of our teeth is covered by a protective oute...

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Chocolates! Wow. Yummy!!! We all familiar with chocolates, Diary milk, Perk, Munch…!!! By hearing those names, we will get salivary flow increased in our oral cavity. But is it healthy for our teeth? The answer is of course “No”. So let us discuss a different term “Dark Chocolates”.


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  • Treatment for Halitosis or bad breath at jerush dental and facial corrective centre, Thuckalay

    Many among us are taking bad breath lightly, ignoring an immediate treatment and have a perception that bad breath is a simple curable disease, contrary to the real unfair situations it can create in a conversation, the possibility of mistaking others on their poor personal hygiene and the real underlying problems of its cause. Bad breath causes are plenty while some are simply manageable. The food or drink you have maybe a reason for it. Food that includes certain spices, garlic, onion, cheese, aerated drinks, canned juices, alcohol etc., can be the cause of bad breath or halitosis. Habits, like smoking or using any form of tobacco, can intensify the bad smell.Poor Oral hygiene: It is the common cause of bad breath. Remnants of food stuck on the wall of the mouth, tongue, in between teeth, dentures, braces, retainers or any hidden part of the mouth over time generates bacteria which cause bad odour and related health issues.https://jerushdentoface.org/halitosis-or-bad-breath/


a month ago
Out of my experience, I feel this is an wonderful place for cosmetic dental treatment. I own a set of veneers from here to hide my 'not that good' dentition and now appears perfect.
- Dishya D
a month ago
I get corrected my irregular teeth at 'Jerush". I am so happy with the treatment I get. Really a wonderful orthodontist they have.
- yethu k
a month ago
I did my RCT at Jerush Dental Hospital. Very successful. I feel like normal - like nothing had happened to my tooth. Special thanks to the kind doctor
- Latha R

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